Restaurant Construction

For over 50 years, Cardoza Designers & Builders has specialized in the hospitality industry. With our highly touted and exceptionally professional work on a myriad of restaurants, pubs, and QSR locations, our company is well regarded by many popular brands which can be seen on our website.

Our progressive services that result in the design these regularly-frequented locations continually meet the satisfaction of our clients- we’re also known for exceeding them! It’s safe to say that one of the reasons why Cardoza Designers & Builders gained prominence is a result of listening to the intricate needs of their clients.

We take our reputation as experienced and evolving professionals seriously. Our track record in the planning, remodeling, renovation, and construction of restaurant locations is impeccable, and we are proud of our work!

One complaint we hear all too often is, “our previous contractor has never built a restaurant before”, We Build Restaurants! and we have for over 50 years. Why settle for inexperience? Our experience and understanding of the many aspects involved in building restaurants is in our DNA. Let our team of established, professional suppliers and sub trades show you how it is suppose to be done!